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One person... that's all we had in the Discord just over a year ago. Today, FightRise is over 500 members strong and has achieved some wild milestones for a brand new Street Fighter 6 community. From building fighters up from Rookie ranks to Masters, colliding two nations against each other in an Urge to Fight brawl, hosting over twenty One Fight Stand community events that boosted skill and morale, to having some of the greatest legends in the FGC grace our Auditorium... we've been fortunate to serve our FightRise community. And, is barely a drop in the bucket of all the milestones and community events we really put in the less than a year that Street Fighter 6 has been released. That's why this next milestone is so special. Not only did this milestone start as mere fleeting conversation, but it all happened faster than we could have imagined. And much of that is thanks to our amazing FightRise community. All of you FightRisers make every day being a part of this community so phenomenal. And, I am so glad we get to share this next one with you... This week, FightRise is proud to officially announce, we have signed and our sponsoring our first competitive fighter who is set to compete at CEO 2024... He was a man with a simple dream as he has visions of being one of the finalists to walk out for Top 8 at CEO. And, if you have seen his Marisa (or have been on the other side of the fighting stage), you understand why we believe in him and are excited to cheer him on every step of the way... So, how did all this come to be? Well, let me highlight a few things for you if you'd be so kind to stay while and listen.
One of the questions we get a lot is... "Are these One Fight Stands good for me to join?" The answer is an easy "YES!" Our One Fight Stand events are bi-weekly round robins that have been responsible from helping take some of our community members from the Rookie ranks all the way to Master. That's why celebrating 21 One Fight Stand events so far is such a fantastic milestone. And the FightRise Community has been fortunate to celebrate so many milestones in the less than a year that Street Fighter 6 has been released. So, of course, this twenty first One Fight Stand event was a fantastic one with just about 40 in attendance on a Tuesday night! Not bad... In this post I want to do a few things: 1) acknowledge our winners, 2) mention briefly another exciting milestone, and 3) break down the round robins themselves. If you're a regular at One Fight Stand, this may be a fantastic post to share with those who want to know more about what they're getting into! And take a look at all you fantastic regulars here posing like the fantastic peoples you are in front of Rathian:
We got winners! One Fight Stand #19 just wrapped up and, with 48 players competing, this was a special one... Every quarter we like to organize a Double Elimination Bracket and an 0-2 Bracket to replace the ol' Round Robin night. From the player perspective, they get some great practice in a tournament format and we dish out some prizes. Plus, on the Tournament Organizer side, we test our efficiency in making sure our members have a smooth, speedy event. I mean... keeping the event to about an hour and a half on a Tuesday night? Yes...please...
As February rolls into Capcom Cup X we are seeing the fiercest competition since the launch of Street Fighter 6. And for good reason with a $1 million dollar grand prize on the line. But, everyone is eyeing another big update to Street Fighter 6... That's Ed to inject some new psycho power and life into the game. After what has been a whirlwind year of amazing fighting game releases, we have seen so many new games with fresh mechanics drop. What a time to enjoy some good ol' fighting games! Tekken 8 being the most recent fighter that's sunk its grip on the hearts of gamers...over 2 million according to their franchise record-breaking sales figures. And Street Fighter 6? Well, I'm happy to conclude for myself the game is still as fun and exciting to watch as ever. But, if our little Discord Community is any clue, I know that so many are ready for some updates to the game. While Akuma's release and Season 2 updates (come on...patch notes!) are still a ways away, we at least have Ed, who looks way cooler than he did in SFV, in our sights.
When I dreamed up FightRise I really did not know where this slice of the FGC would land. Today I am very humbled and proud of the giving nature of our little community. Not only do we have a plethora of level-headed, helpful, and experienced players, but we also have a rallying tribe, ready to put on a show for the good of the community... And this time, for the good of Child's Play Charity!
Tomorrow, November 21st at 9pm EST we'll be hosting a special double elimination bracket on the FightRise Discord! A pristine hardcover copy of The Art of Street Fighter is up for grabs as the first place prize as well as various gift cards and other prizes for a conjoined "0-2 side bracket."  I'm happy to say the One Fight Stand (OFS) bi-weekly tournament series has been a big hit for the FightRise Discord channel.  It has accomplished many of the goals I had set out for when creating the series and this special tournament format feels like a fitting culmination of everything we've accomplished this year since the launch of Street Fighter 6.
Capcom HQ graciously invited some of your favorite content creators to come play Street Fighter 6’s near-final (if not final) build along with being able to capture footage. So, literally overnight we had a huge dump of Street Fighter 6 footage hit YouTube and Twitter. At this point, there’s so much footage out there, but I want to make sure we start to consolidate those video links here so you don’t miss a thing. Below, you’ll find most of the new Street Fighter 6 video from this private event released so far (as I’m sure more is to come imminently) - and all organized by creator or channel. Enjoy!
Capcom took their marketing game to a new level this year at the WWE Royal Rumble. Queen of the Ring, Zelina Vega, made her entrance into the ring done up as Juri. Her cosplay was spot on and next thing we know we have a giant Street Fighter 6 logo floating above the ring. You absolutely know the social media world was on fire talking about Zelina and Street Fighter 6. Well done, Capcom. I always had a sneaking suspicion that this was not going to be the last marketing surprise we saw from them. But, then, we had the Grand Finals of the Capcom Pro Tour come and go without a sneeze of anything new with Street Fighter 6. Even the playable demo they had at the finals was the same old beta from before despite having unveiled so many more characters.
And, just like that Capcom has bestowed upon us a new trailer for Street Fighter 6 finally unveiling Zangief, Lily, and, the long-awaited, Cammy! I have to say...watching this trailer, I was in utmost giddiness. First of all, I had no idea they were dropping the trailer like they were so it was very much a stealth drop to me. Second of all, as I watched each character grace the screen my grin got bigger and bigger. Every single one of these new three look phenomenal! I can't wait to play them. Besides the three new characters, we also got a look at each of their stages! That's three brand new, never before-seen stages for us to gander. But, if you haven't yet, please look for yourself: