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OVER $1,100 Raised for Charity! Urge to Fight 3: Wreck the Halls

When I dreamed up FightRise I really did not know where this slice of the FGC would land. Today I am very humbled and proud of the giving nature of our little community.

Not only do we have a plethora of level-headed, helpful, and experienced players, but we also have a rallying tribe, ready to put on a show for the good of the community…

And this time, for the good of Child’s Play Charity!

Do It for the Kids!

Our final FightRise event of 2023, Urge to Fight 3: Wreck the Halls, was a smashing success in so many ways. Our players put on an amazing show, our community ran a crazy well produced stream (humble brag… we’re three streams in and we’re already running stuff at this level?! Wait until I tell you about the stats), and best of all, we raised a nice chunk of funds for Child’s Play.

Now, if you don’t know, Child’s Play gets games to kiddos in pediatric hospitals. In their own words:

Child’s Play Charity delivers therapeutic games and technology directly to pediatric hospitals to improve patients’ lives through the power of play.


If you love video games and believe in how they can bring people together or even heal the mind a little bit, then you understand the great work Child’s Play is doing.

With that being said, we dedicated our final stream of 2023 to their charity and work. AND, I’m so so proud to say that we raised $1,147 for Child’s Play!

That and we even put up some very cool incentives for people to donate such as raffling off the Collector’s Edition of Street Fighter 6 with the limited Luke and Kimberly figures.

AGAIN, that number?! $1,147! That’s incredible. Especially considering we set a modest goal of raising $300. Technically quadrupled that goal (especially considering we had another $120 come in from an outside source — not a part of the official tally).

If this is the kind of impact we can create as we are just finding our footing, then we have a lot more to look forward to in 2024.

STATS! YES, We Have Real-Time Stats for Matches!

I can not tell you another stream that does this for their matches. Not Capcom Cup, not EVO, not anyone… Maybe I’m wrong, but either way… Look at the gorgeous stats!

Thanks to the help of mechanicalgrape and bcyde we were able to put together some amazing new stream elements for UTF3. Grape built out stats that would update with important metrics from each match, including another view to see the overall set.

I know when shogberg is looking at this he may be eyeballing that burnout number. Or maybe the number of Uncontested Drive Impacts thrown out there is something to think about.

All I know is I love the fact that we are able to bring some very cool evolution to the streams of the game we love to play and watch.

Quick teaser: Even after this first run, we’re already onto ideas on how to improve the stats for the next one!

See Ya 2023!

That’s it for this one. What an amazing hype night. I loved cheering for my team and am super proud of the work they put in.

Shout out to the Newbie Fight Club for winning the night and being a part of this special event!

Again, humbled to be a part of what we’re growing here.

HotSoup, Spectre, shogberg, mechanicalgrape, bcyde, and so many others… Thank you for all you do!

See you all in the Discord.

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  1. What a great event, I’m just honored to be a part of it. Such a talented crew of volunteers from all walks of life coming together because of a shared love for this great game and a cause that impacts so many young people. It’s just the beginning! FightRise in 2024 is going to be a hoot!

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