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Ed’s Release Date – The Shake Up Street Fighter 6 Needs

As February rolls into Capcom Cup X we are seeing the fiercest competition since the launch of Street Fighter 6. And for good reason with a $1 million dollar grand prize on the line. But, everyone is eyeing another big update to Street Fighter 6… That’s Ed to inject some new psycho power and life into the game.

After what has been a whirlwind year of amazing fighting game releases, we have seen so many new games with fresh mechanics drop. What a time to enjoy some good ol’ fighting games! Tekken 8 being the most recent fighter that’s sunk its grip on the hearts of gamers…over 2 million according to their franchise record-breaking sales figures.

And Street Fighter 6? Well, I’m happy to conclude for myself the game is still as fun and exciting to watch as ever. But, if our little Discord Community is any clue, I know that so many are ready for some updates to the game. While Akuma’s release and Season 2 updates (come on…patch notes!) are still a ways away, we at least have Ed, who looks way cooler than he did in SFV, in our sights.

Give Me the Goods! When is Ed Coming to Street Fighter 6?

We all get to play Ed in Street Fighter 6 on February 27th. Capcom Cup X will be over and done, a million dollar winner will be crowned, and we’ll enjoy a new stage, a new character, and some new music!

Honestly, this bit here is all for Google goodness. We have a fantastic Discord community over at FightRise, who are all helping each other improve at the game with fun and positivity. So, I want to make sure any attention we get here, gets spotlighted on them! Having an awesome community or friends to play with, always makes improving and playing the game a whole lot more enjoyable.

So, let’s lay it all out in bullet point terms…

  • Ed gets added to the Street Fighter 6 character roster on February 27th
  • Ed will boast a new move list with actual motion inputs on Classic
  • We are also being graced with a new fighting stage for fisticuffs, Ruined Lab
  • And, we have some sweet new music by German-born Japanese rapper Blumio

Ed Did What? Let Me See That Character Guide

If you’re here I think it’s safe to assume you’ve seen Ed’s character teaser trailer and the gameplay trailer.

However, if you have not seen Ed’s Character Guide then I’m going to need you to take a minute and give that a watch. That’s where we learn Ed has gone true boxer with all of his kick buttons now being “flicker punches.”

I’m going to let British fighting game champion and former Street Fighter League winner, The4Philzz, do all the breaking down of the character guide here:

Okay, But Let Me Hear That Track Again

I know Street Fighter 6’s music gets a lot of mixed reviews. In my opinion, are they tracks you’re going to throw on in the background while you work? No…but, they fit the fighting gameplay very well as a great compliment to all the smacks and projectiles being thrown.

Ed’s music track though? I’ve had to go back and listen to that a few times! In fact, I’m listening to it right now as I write this.

I may not understand what German-born Japanese rapper is saying (oh, by the way, yeah there are real lyrics in this track!), but the song is a bop. If you haven’t already, give this little jam a listen.

Capcom also graced us with a behind the scenes, making of Ed’s theme song with Blumio:

So, What Does This Mean for the State of Street Fighter 6?

Ed’s release means we can all finally look forward to Akuma being released next… just kidding, but not really, as he’s probably the most anticipated character since the Season 1 DLC was announced.

In an age where we have been spoiled with fighting game goodness, we’ve seen amazing fighting game release one after the other. Truly, that’s a good thing, both for the Fighting Game Community, the general fandom it brings, and the future of higher quality releases (everyone’s looking at you Street Fighter V).

Every new release inevitably gets compared to Street Fighter 6 and pulls people’s attention away from the game as well. That’s also totally okay and a good thing! It’s normal and fun to play other fighting games. Find what you love and keep fighting on.

For me, my attention ALWAYS gets pulled back to Street Fighter. It happened with V and I know it will continue to happen with 6 (as it already has). I want to dabble in other fighters, as it’s extremely enjoyable and I think interesting to see what fundamentals you bring from game to game. Overall, I think it helps make you a solid fighting game player. Can’t say you’re a one-trick if you understand and pull fundamentals into game after game.

However, Ed psycho knuckling his way into Street Fighter 6 is a breath of fresh air. We’ve gone an entire year without patch notes and while A.K.I. and Rashid have been rays of sunshine on the game, I think everyone is ready for the next update. Not to mention having a new fighting ground to play on is huge!

Street Fighter 6 has been weirdly prioritizing avatar updates, which I know most of our FightRise Community does not really care for. I mean…we’ll rock the stuff since our bi-weekly round robin events happen in Battle Hub, but it’s not what we’re seeking.

Besides being able to run set after set with each other, we are all excited to see the next character join the fray. So, here’s hoping that when Ed joins the roster on February 27th that he does in fact induce a little excitement into Street Fighter 6.

Want to join the FightRise Community? Join us on Discord. Of course having good people to learn and improve at fighting games with is the best way to play.