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Start Here: A Guide for Your Journey

How to Play, Learn, & Improve at Street Fighter - Beginner Resources

If you’re reading this, you’re way beyond just wanting to play some Street Fighter. You’re ready to take your fighting game journey to the next level.

Whatever your ultimate goal is in playing a fighting game, it’s always more fun when you have resources at your disposal and a community at your side.

Below you’ll find a continuously updated resource list that will help you get the most out of your Street Fighter journey.

First, a General Preface for Fighting Games

Fighting games have the notorious reputation of both being simple to get into and hard to play the more you get into them. How can this be?

It’s kind of like Chess… Chess has a foundation of rules that are simple enough to learn, but take years to master. Fighting games can relatively be thought of in the same way.

It’s a journey, where patience and lots of learning is very much needed. However, everyone agrees, it’s well worth the ride.

Street Fighter 6 Training Loop for Improvement

The key to improving anything is consistency over time. Here’s a simple loop to think about when building your training curriculum.

  1. Warm-Up – Practice Mode
  2. Intentional Training – Practice Mode
  3. Player vs. Player Games – Ranked, Casual, Local
  4. Watch Replays of [Your] Gameplay – Identify Areas for Improvement
  5. Research – Investigate Resources Relative to Areas of Improvement

Then, rinse and repeat. It’s up to you how to really define each step, how much time you spend, and what resources (eBooks, guides, videos) you utilize.

Unlock Your Potential: A Training Mode Game Plan

One of the easiest resources to find for Street Fighter are guides for big damage combos. However, that’s not where anyone recommends to start.

That’s why I put together a simple, easy to understand, and forever useful training curriculum for your Street Fighter journey:

Juri Street Fighter 6 Cinematic Pose

Breakdown, Gear, Guides, and More

Ready for more? Head over to the Breakdown for more on Street Fighter mechanics, modes, and gear.

FightRise is continually building and the site will continue to evolve with guides, resources, gear reviews, and more.

Right now, we’re a work-in-progress with more to come as soon as possible…

As more content is added, this section will be refreshed!


An overview of how to begin your Street Fighter journey and best utilize FightRise.

Street Fighter mechanics, fundamentals, training curriculum, and a detailed gear list.

Comprehensive collection of fighting game eBooks, guides, threads, videos, and more.

Overview of the Fighting Game Community (FGC) from online communities to tournaments.