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FightRise was founded to develop a centralized hub of easily searchable learning resources for Street Fighter 6.

There are hundreds of amazing Content Creators pouring their hearts and knowledge into the game, but not everyone sees the same info and media out there.

FightRise looks to resolve that as a continuously updated resource center including what happens inside and outside the game.

On a personal level, I want to record my own fighting game journey. My intention is to take bridging the skill gaps of Street Fighter 6 seriously and share the learning resources I consume as well as what has worked for me along the way.

ImageOmega - FightRise Founder

About ImageOmega - FightRise Founder

My name is Chris and I go by ImageOmega. I’m not a pro-fighting game player, not even a good one. But, I have a blend of a few different unique skills and experiences that have led me here.

First, I competed in the games Quake 2, Quake 3, and even UT2K3 at a high level. My most fond memories come from playing with my undefeated clan Team SIT in a mod for Quake 3 called Rocket Arena 3.

It was through these games that I developed an understanding of what it takes to compete at the highest level.

Ultimately other passions of my life took over… since then I’ve cultivated the skill sets of an instructor in martial arts and a variety of design skills (including video and web).

Put my love for teaching and personal development, my desire to compete in gaming, and my web design knowledge together and we have the roots that established FightRise.

My goal here is not to be the best player, but the best for me. And, through my journey, I want to inspire others to pursue their own goals.

We live in a peer orientating world and I’ll always strive to have FightRise be a beacon of guidance and positivity for those that are on their own path of self-improvement (in and out of the game).

Thank you so much for being here. I truly appreciate you’d share your attention with me. That seriously means the world.

Good luck on your endeavors and let’s level up together!


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