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The Breakdown: Gear & Fundamentals

Guides, Mechanics, Gear, Tutorials, Drive Impact and More for Street Fighter 6

Breakdown, Gear, Guides, and More

Thank you for being here! FightRise is continually building and the site will continue to evolve with guides, resources, gear reviews, and more.

Right now, we’re a work-in-progress with more to come as soon as possible…

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For details on the UI and what’s new with Street Fighter 6, you can find a complete breakdown on the official site.

Luke and Jamie in Street Fighter 6 - Drive Impact

Drive System Explained: New Street Fighter 6 Mechanic

Street Fighter 6’s Drive System is powered by the Drive Gauge found under player health bars. It empowers multiple moves: Drive Impact, Drive Parry, Overdrive, Drive Rush, and Drive Reversal.

The gauge replenishes automatically, but depleting the bar puts you in a burnout state which comes with huge disadvantages including being able to be chip killed.

YouTube Videos explaining the Drive System below:

Unlock Your Potential: A Training Mode Game Plan

One of the easiest resources to find for Street Fighter are guides for big damage combos. However, that’s not where anyone recommends to start.

That’s why I put together a simple, easy to understand, and forever useful training curriculum for your Street Fighter journey:

HitBox Controller for Fighting Games - Street Fighter 6

Reviews Incoming!

Eventually, FightRise will be home to gear checklists and reviews.

Of course, that all takes time…

So for now, if you are curious about Hit Box Controllers I’ll share a very old hands on video below. And for clarity, I’m in no way affiliated or sponsored by Hit Box, just enjoy the product and coming from WASD roots, it was the best fit for me.

Hit Box Resources

Also, Hit Box houses a complete breakdown of all the different ways to utilize this stickless controller to maximize your gaming experience and reduce input errors.

Again, More Coming!

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