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How to Play, Learn, & Improve at Street Fighter - Beginner Resources

One of the strongest parts of fighting games is the community surrounding them.

As a newer player, finding support and making connections with others who play will help bolster your learning, improvement, and fun!

There are two types of scenes to start with, your local scene and online communities. Obviously, everyone’s local scene is different, so let’s start online.

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FGC Discords

New Challenger – Online Community & Discord that’s all about being newbie friendly, finding games with like skilled players, or even connecting you with a willing coach who will help you learn the game. (also: Twitter)

The Online Local – Hosts weekly online tournaments and events for fighting games, but also features a robust list of channels that even cater to helping you find lobbies with other players. (also: Twitch, YouTube)

Tampa Never Sleeps – hosts multiple tournaments weekly spanning a variety of fighting games. Their Discord is a source for those looking to find casual games or more info about upcoming events. (also: Twitch, YouTube)

FightRise – Brand new Discord dedicated to building a community around FightRise, Improving at Street Fighter 6, and leveling up together. (also: Twitter)

Battle Hub in Street Fighter 6

Sites & Resources

r/StreetFighter – A sub-Reddit that highlights everything and anything Street Fighter. If there’s Street Fighter 6 news, guides, and more, you can bet it will find a home on r/StreetFighter.

EventHubs – Largest Fighting Game website out there. Covers all major fighting games and related media. If you’re a fighting game enthusiast, EventHubs will continue to be a go-to source for news.

Various Authors – A List of books and guides for improving at Fighting Games and adapting the proper mindset to train, improve, and win.

World Tour Mode - Single Player in Street Fighter 6

Tournaments & Events

There are wide variety of both online and in-person tournaments and events out there. This is in no way a complete list, but a great starting point if you’re looking to learn more.

Also, highly encourage reaching out in the above Discords or Sub-Reddit to ask about local fighting game scenes. You never know what may be in your backyard!

YouTube Channels

There’s no shortage of content for Street Fighter 6 and new creators and streamers popping up daily. Again, this is not an exhaustive list. Have someone I should add? Message me on Twitter.

Have Resources to Add?

Have something or someone I should add? Let me know! Message me on Twitter.

Have something I should review? Yep…Message me on Twitter about it too!


An overview of how to begin your Street Fighter journey and best utilize FightRise.

Street Fighter mechanics, fundamentals, training curriculum, and a detailed gear list.

Comprehensive collection of fighting game eBooks, guides, threads, videos, and more.

Overview of the Fighting Game Community (FGC) from online communities to tournaments.

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