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How to Play, Learn, & Improve at Street Fighter - Beginner Resources

Ultimately, it’s up to us to make the best use of the resources we have to improve our fighting game potential. Make reviewing old and new resources part of your training loop.

Brand new to Street Fighter? Start here and then view the fundamentals here.

JP Street Fighter 6 Taunt Pose

Recommended Reading

Fighting Game Primer – Masher to Master by Patrick Miller (eBook – FREE) – A masterpiece and classic in the realm of learning fighting games. Although this free PDF itself is dated, the information holds true and presents fundamentals in a clear, concise way. Mandatory reading for anyone looking to improve at Street Fighter.

Simplifying Street Fighter by gootecks (eBook) – Directly breaks down the fundamentals of Street Fighter (specifically written going into Street Fighter V). Provides a direct routine to get started learning Street Fighter while breaking down common situations you’ll find in every Street Fighter match.

Fighting Game Fundamentals by gootecks (eBook) – The sequel to Simplifying Street Fighter. This book goes deeper into creating actionable steps and game plans to learn and improve at Street Fighter. Again, focused on Street Fighter V and earlier games in the series.

Game Fu: Way of the Digital Fist by Perfect Legend (eBook) – A no-fluff guide to being a competitive fighting game player with focal points on mindset, training, and theory. Each section highlights specific situations you’ll encounter in a fighting game or as a player. All detailed by a four-time fighting game world champion.

Notable Mentions (have not personally read yet):

Guides & Videos

Videos, Posts, and Threads to maximize your Street Fighter improvement journey.

Guides, videos, and threads will be continuously updated with the most relevant source of information.

Character Select

As we get closer to the launch of Street Fighter 6 this character index will continue to evolve. Included will be character specific guides, combos, matches, Discords, and more. For now, each is linked to their official home from the Street Fighter 6 Characters page.

HitBox Controller for Fighting Games - Street Fighter 6

Breakdown, Gear, Guides, and More

FightRise is continually building and the site will continue to evolve with guides, resources, gear reviews, and more.

Right now, we’re a work-in-progress with more to come as soon as possible…

As more content is added, this section will be refreshed!


An overview of how to begin your Street Fighter journey and best utilize FightRise.

Street Fighter mechanics, fundamentals, training curriculum, and a detailed gear list.

Comprehensive collection of fighting game eBooks, guides, threads, videos, and more.

Overview of the Fighting Game Community (FGC) from online communities to tournaments.