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How did the idea of learning how to play Street Fighter make you feel? For some it’s pure awe and wonder, looking to pull off the special moves and big hit combos. For others, it’s daunting, seeing what high-level Street Fighter players can pull off versus their own foundational skill set. No matter which side of the coin you’re on, there’s one constant from everyone who has trodden this path…the journey is worth it. I think that has been the biggest pull for me beyond all the cool stuff you can do in a game. The community surrounding Street Fighter, or fighting games in general, is so strong. That leads me to where I stand today in this fresh start. One, there’s both a wondrous and daunting path in front of me… two, there’s an entire community willing to stand beside me.



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Capcom HQ graciously invited some of your favorite content creators to come play Street Fighter 6’s near-final (if not final) build along with being able to capture footage. So, literally overnight we had a huge dump of Street Fighter 6 footage hit YouTube and Twitter. At this point, there’s so much footage out there, but I want to make sure we start to consolidate those video links here so you don’t miss a thing. Below, you’ll find most of the new Street Fighter 6 video from this private event released so far (as I’m sure more is to come imminently) - and all organized by creator or channel. Enjoy!
Capcom took their marketing game to a new level this year at the WWE Royal Rumble. Queen of the Ring, Zelina Vega, made her entrance into the ring done up as Juri. Her cosplay was spot on and next thing we know we have a giant Street Fighter 6 logo floating above the ring. You absolutely know the social media world was on fire talking about Zelina and Street Fighter 6. Well done, Capcom. I always had a sneaking suspicion that this was not going to be the last marketing surprise we saw from them. But, then, we had the Grand Finals of the Capcom Pro Tour come and go without a sneeze of anything new with Street Fighter 6. Even the playable demo they had at the finals was the same old beta from before despite having unveiled so many more characters.
You’re here because you want to get better at Street Fighter 6 or fighting games in general, right? Then this video is a must watch! In order to improve you’ll need a foundation… You’ll need to understand the fundamentals. The fundamentals will lay the groundwork for improving in every single match you play. And, who better to teach you those fundamentals than 9 times EVO champion and multi-fighting game champion, Justin Wong. Want to Be Better? Improve Your Fundamentals Justin Wong willingly admits there are players who are better than him at certain fighting games. Of course there are… but, he also says when it comes to tournament set play…they can’t beat him. How does that even make sense? They’re better than him, but can’t beat him in set play? And, he’s proven it time and time again across fighting games he hasn’t played as much as others. You can even see the moment he takes his opponent’s soul at a tournament after a victory. What’s the secret sauce? Fundamentals… And, Justin’s sharing.
And, just like that Capcom has bestowed upon us a new trailer for Street Fighter 6 finally unveiling Zangief, Lily, and, the long-awaited, Cammy! I have to say...watching this trailer, I was in utmost giddiness. First of all, I had no idea they were dropping the trailer like they were so it was very much a stealth drop to me. Second of all, as I watched each character grace the screen my grin got bigger and bigger. Every single one of these new three look phenomenal! I can't wait to play them. Besides the three new characters, we also got a look at each of their stages! That's three brand new, never before-seen stages for us to gander. But, if you haven't yet, please look for yourself:
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