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That’s a Wrap! OFS#19 Double Brackets Complete!

We got winners! One Fight Stand #19 just wrapped up and, with 48 players competing, this was a special one…

Every quarter we like to organize a Double Elimination Bracket and an 0-2 Bracket to replace the ol’ Round Robin night.

From the player perspective, they get some great practice in a tournament format and we dish out some prizes. Plus, on the Tournament Organizer side, we test our efficiency in making sure our members have a smooth, speedy event. I mean… keeping the event to about an hour and a half on a Tuesday night? Yes…please…

Besides the Double Brackets, we also give out double the prizes! First and second place in the Main Bracket battled over cash money and an Udon SF6 Hardcover Book or FightRise Founder’s Edition T-Shirt. Our 0-2 Bracket featured a prize with Legend Ranked Fighting Game Coach el_fonzo.

From the Community

For the sake of time, we cap entrants at 48 players with a waiting list to round out any last minute replacements. As we descended upon the Battle Hubs the action kicked right off.

Our players were thrilled to report, that this event gave them “even more motivation to continue climbing ranked” and the big sentiment was that we all “can’t wait for the next one.”

Our 0-2 Bracket ended with local Senpai, bcyde, taking first place and One Fight Stand regular, Herman Toothrot showing an amazing second place finish!

The top honors for our Main Bracket came by way of a decisive Marisa mirror match in the grand finals. TR[!Log]’Y gladius’d his way to a 1st place finish with LazyBoredom taking 2nd. Two very skilled Marisa players and it was a thrill to watch them punch it out.

Alright, that’s a wrap for the event and a wrap on this quick update. We’re stoked from what we’re seeing within the FightRise community and have even bigger plans for 2024.

If you’re new to Street Fighter 6 or are just looking for a friendly community to level up with, we welcome all skills from Rookie to Legend and have a thriving, active Discord Community you can join here:

See you all in the next One Fight Stand! Urge to Fight 6 is NEXT!