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Zangief, Lily, Cammy! They’re Here! New Street Fighter 6 Trailer Released

And, just like that Capcom has bestowed upon us a new trailer for Street Fighter 6 finally unveiling Zangief, Lily, and, the long-awaited, Cammy!

I have to say…watching this trailer, I was in utmost giddiness. First of all, I had no idea they were dropping the trailer like they were so it was very much a stealth drop to me.

Second of all, as I watched each character grace the screen my grin got bigger and bigger. Every single one of these new three look phenomenal! I can’t wait to play them.

Besides the three new characters, we also got a look at each of their stages! That’s three brand new, never before-seen stages for us to gander. But, if you haven’t yet, please look for yourself:

Zangief, He’s Built Better

Zangief is sporting what feels like a more refined look. His mohawk is reigned in just a bit with a more realistic wave to it. Very different from the tacked-on plastic version we saw in SFV which looked like if he whistled at any moment you’d see a weaponized dart fly through the air.

His grabs look both lethal and fun to watch. He also seems to have some sort of armored parry that converts into a grab if a limb is poked his way. In the video Zangief snatches up poor E. Honda’s tree trunk of a leg and gator roll spins him into the concrete.

Zangief’s stage looks like a redux version of what we saw in Street Fighter 2. Workers hanging safely behind a steel gate in a Russian factory setting. The newly revived version very much gives underground fight club vibes much like his stage in Street Fighter V.

Plus, all his one-liners are very much intact as he informs you that his “beautiful body is built better.”

Lily Commands the Great Spirit of the Wind

Even though Lily calls upon the Spirit of the Wind to aid her, what’s truly upfront is the weapons in her hands.

Lily comes to fight with two Native American ball-headed war clubs. They look mean as she slams them at poor Blank’s face.

She’s also very clearly related to T. Hawk and it’s explicitly stated on the Street Fighter 6 site that she’s a descendant of the same Thunderfoot tribe.

Besides being part of the same tribe, you can tell her moves are reminiscent of T. Hawk including the infamous dive.

Her Critical Art is an interesting choice in that she very menacingly hooks onto her opponent with her war clubs and spins them furiously through the air. Only to accidentally lose them and come crashing down on top of them. If it works, it works?

Lily’s home stage looks to draw inspiration that clearly shows her in the heart of the Thunderfoot tribe somewhere in Mexico.

Cammy Steals the Show

As the camera reveals a very familiar voice speaking on the phone we’re treated to a couple cinematic shots. These lead me to believe that we’re seeing what may be part of some sort of story or single-player mode. Definitely can’t wait to see more of that…

Cammy‘s move set at first glance seems to pull a lot of what made her so deadly in Street Fighter V.

Everything about her character looks leaner, faster, and meaner. Especially her Critical Art.

She furiously cannon spikes through a collapsing JP so fast you only see trails of sparks. As he falls to his knees you see her standing behind him poised to deliver a final blow, in an almost execution-like fashion. K.O.

Cammy’s stage takes every iconic thing you’d think of when you picture London and puts it in the background. From cobblestone streets, to Big Ben, and double-decker buses…it’s all there!

Please When is Beta 3?!

Now that Capcom has revealed what’s believed to be the full roster launching with Street Fighter 6, there’s just one more question remaining. When will there be another beta?

I’m hoping Capcom follows up this Zangief, Lily, Cammy reveal with more exciting news that a closed or open beta is right around the corner.

Please Capcom, we’ve been teased and shown some amazing new characters. Let us pick them and press some buttons before the June 2nd launch.