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TONIGHT: Urge to Fight: Rising

Join us tonight for a community led, grass roots Street Fighter 6 event… URGE TO FIGHT: RISING.

Brought to you by FightRise and One Fight Stand… Urge to Fight: Rising is a community effort grown from our very own Discord community and special efforts by HotSoup – the man behind all of our bi-weekly One Fight Stand – Street Fighter 6 events.

The goal? Learning, improving, and having fun. Fighting games are always better with a community surrounding you and that’s exactly what the FightRise community comes together to do every single day.

Stop by the Twitch stream tonight and watch a special showcase of fights featuring a variety of skill levels from Gold to Master.

It all starts tonight at 8:30pmEST at:

Urge to Fight: Rising - Street Fighter 6 Community Event brought to by FightRise and One Fight Stand

Then, join our Discord ( to be part of future One Fight Stand events. All about getting in some sets and upping our knowledge.

Every time someone new joins us for One Fight Stand they’re impressed by two things: how organized it all was and how much fun they had.

The biggest part of my fighting game journey has been the friends that have helped me improve along the way! Make that a huge part of your FGC journey.


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  1. One of the best communities in the FGC in my humble opinion. Just having people to talk to about matchups and tech makes the whole experience so enjoyable. Excited for this event tonight!!

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