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Join us tonight for a community led, grass roots Street Fighter 6 event... URGE TO FIGHT: RISING. Brought to you by FightRise and One Fight Stand... Urge to Fight: Rising is a community effort grown from our very own Discord community and special efforts by HotSoup - the man behind all of our bi-weekly One Fight Stand - Street Fighter 6 events. The goal? Learning, improving, and having fun. Fighting games are always better with a community surrounding you and that's exactly what the FightRise community comes together to do every single day. Stop by the Twitch stream tonight and watch a special showcase of fights featuring a variety of skill levels from Gold to Master. It all starts tonight at 8:30pmEST at:
Finding fighting game resources that grow with you as a player is a rare feat. By the time most fighting game players share their knowledge, their skill set is already on another planet compared to a beginner. Beginners often need a list of fighting terminology just to translate what they’re being told. Multi-fighting game champion, Perfect Legend, brings you into the fold of what you need to know and when you need to know it, in his book: Game Fu - Way of the Digital Fist. It’s the perfect resource to grow with you as a budding fighting game enthusiast turned potential competitor… That is… if you know how to use it. ## The Credentials I’m not going to list out Perfect Legend’s accolades here because there’s plenty of sites that’ll do that for you. What you need to know is his own personal fighting game journey has been from beginner to absolute world champion across multiple games. He’s run the gamut and is able to talk through his experience as to what you should and can expect throughout your own fighting game journey. ## Who is this book really for? You know, it’s hard to say that this book is meant for the absolute beginner. After the first few sections you’re already being introduced to frame data which can be daunting to wrap your head around as to what that even means. Perfect Legend does an excellent job explaining why frame data is important and what to do with the information, but he doesn’t exactly go over what frame data actually is - just the details around animation frames. In fact, if you’re an absolute beginner and you’re reading this you may have no idea why this even matters! To that I say…you could probably start with the Fighting Game Primer by Patrick Miller. It’s a free download I now host on this site since it’s original home is sadly no more. So, what am I really saying here? Beginner’s shouldn’t read this book? No, not at all… **In fact, my recommendation is 100% absolutely get this book**. There’s just a few ideas that you may need some outside resources to understand. But, even if you’re a true beginner, there’s actually a REALLY good way to use this book to it’s full potential. So, who is this book for? Everyone. Literally… beginner, advanced, champions… It’s good stuff. No one is too good for formulating a game plan, instilling a proper mindset, and hearing another perspective. Remember when I said this book, this resource, even GROWS with you, your progress, and your journey? It’s 100% true if you use it the right way. ## The Right Way to Use a Book? What?! I get it… We’re all taught books have a beginning, middle, end. And, once you reach that final page, you wipe your hands clean, because you did it…you finished the story. That’s not exactly how personal development books are meant to be consumed. In fact, most people that just read information beginning to end are more likely to NOT do anything with it. This can apply to how-to videos or self-help guides… I’m guilty of it… We all are. Like I said, guides are meant to be followed, like going step by step through IKEA instructions. Sure, you may read over all the instructions, but to get actual real progress, you have to start at step 1 so you can get to step 2. That’s exactly how I believe this book should be approached. Read it. Read it all! 100%. This will give you a very good overview of what to expect and get your mind swirling with ideas including thinking back upon your own gameplay. **Then go back to the beginning… read section 1… and practice section 1.** It doesn’t matter how experienced you are. Treat it as an exercise of discipline. The idea here is to be INTENTIONAL with each section. You’re reading this book because you want to see progress, right? Then be intentional with your practice and take each step, each section, seriously. Every Section Describes an In-Game Situation