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Are learning big combos the key to winning more games in Street Fighter? Truthfully, as cool as they look, they’re not the answer you’re looking for. This idea that you need to learn 20+ hit combos is 100% rubbish. The real unlock for winning more is upgrading your fundamentals… spacing, timing, neutral, punishes. As long as we’re both on the same page, then we can talk about why and how to get better at combos in Street Fighter. First, if they’re not the key, then what do we even need combos for? In short, your opponent is going to present a lot of opportunities for you to hit them. Maybe you block a dragon punch or have them stunned… Now what? When I first started Street Fighter V any time I got a crush counter, I didn’t know what to do. So, my default was to get a throw in. This was some extra damage, but not even close to being optimal, punishing effectively, and winning more games. Obviously, when the opportunity presents itself, you want to dish out the most damage possible in a reliable fashion. We can expand on this topic, but that’s not why we’re here…
If shopping on Amazon has taught us anything, it’s that people love sifting through reviews before deciding to plunk down their hard earned cash. And, still, there’s those of us wild enough to throw the caution of a 2.5 star rated product to the wind and order anyway. What separates these two individuals? More disposable income? Doubtful. It’s more likely to do with how they approach situations. After all, someone way smarter than me said, “how you do anything, is how you do everything.” This approach style is very similar to how people approach learning new skillsets. And, can often be the reason why most quit before they even really get started… Do you remember the last time you started learning something new? Did you research and plan before you started? Or, did you just dive right in and learn along the way?
How did the idea of learning how to play Street Fighter make you feel? For some it’s pure awe and wonder, looking to pull off the special moves and big hit combos. For others, it’s daunting, seeing what high-level Street Fighter players can pull off versus their own foundational skill set. No matter which side of the coin you’re on, there’s one constant from everyone who has trodden this path…the journey is worth it. I think that has been the biggest pull for me beyond all the cool stuff you can do in a game. The community surrounding Street Fighter, or fighting games in general, is so strong. That leads me to where I stand today in this fresh start. One, there’s both a wondrous and daunting path in front of me… two, there’s an entire community willing to stand beside me.