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Learning Street Fighter: A Fresh Start

How did the idea of learning how to play Street Fighter make you feel?

For some it’s pure awe and wonder, looking to pull off the special moves and big hit combos.

For others, it’s daunting, seeing what high-level Street Fighter players can pull off versus their own foundational skill set.

No matter which side of the coin you’re on, there’s one constant from everyone who has trodden this path…the journey is worth it.

I think that has been the biggest pull for me beyond all the cool stuff you can do in a game. The community surrounding Street Fighter, or fighting games in general, is so strong.

That leads me to where I stand today in this fresh start. One, there’s both a wondrous and daunting path in front of me… two, there’s an entire community willing to stand beside me.

My roots in competitive gaming stem from first person shooters, Quake 2 and 3 in general (although you could say Unreal Tournament 2K3 was a big, but brief, part of that as well).

While many of the people I’ve played with are what I would consider lifelong friends, the community itself has evaporated. That’s the unfortunate aspect for arena shooters today…there is no growing community – just those holding on to what once was.

This year, 2023, Street Fighter 6 will make its debut. And the buzz leading up to its release is at an all-time high and growing.

The closed beta tests, the content created, the players… they’re all pointing to the same signs: this game is good and there’s a lot to look forward to. Extreme optimism at its finest.

I could go on about the World Warrior mode, the character creator tools, the extra time the developers are taking…but, ultimately, if you’re interested in learning or improving at Street Fighter, there’s only one thing that matters.

There’s no better time to start playing Street Fighter than now.

Let’s do the math…

First, any time there’s a new Street Fighter launch that means there’s an influx of new players. That alone is significant in itself, but combine that with the sheer hype surrounding this latest installment and you have the makings of one of, if not, the biggest launches of Street Fighter of all time.

As a new player, that’s great news because once you get the digital confidence to hit up ranked, you’ll have more players around your skill level to compete against. And, not all the newcomers jump in with both feet at launch, so there’s typically a long period of time where the new player base will continue to grow.

Second, there are new mechanics to learn. Mechanics meaning new things you can do in the game that are different from other Street Fighter installments.

Now, if you’re a new player it might feel like, it’s all new… And, that’s true. But, why new mechanics are important is because most are learning these new ideas with you at the same time. That means there’s more information surrounding them, more testing and experimenting on how to best implement them, and more sharing of all that knowledge.

Finally, with an influx of new players comes an influx of new content or even new content creators. Street Fighter 6 is exactly why this site exists. The mark of a new journey establishes a lot of excitement and attention around it.

Street Fighter 6 - Battle Hub - Learning Street Fighter - Beginner Tutorials

So, if you’re a beginner player, you’re going to have the very best information readily available at your fingertips. The struggle will be to filter out what to learn and watch. There are a lot of high-level videos dedicated to those who already have a good understanding of fighters.

These types of videos can be hard to follow for the rookie enthusiast. I’ve seen the comments from frustrated new players who are looking for more fundamentals. And, I find that most guides, no matter the game, follow this trend of being directed to the slightly more experienced.

That’s okay! You’ll still glean value from that type of learning, just come back to it and come back often.

However, one of my goals with FightRise will provide actual digestible chunks of learning especially if you’re a brand new white belt to Street Fighter or fighting games in general.

Listen, we’re still not done doing the math… But, if you add up what we have already, you can see the writing on the wall. Now, is the best time to start playing Street Fighter (or at least when Street Fighter 6 launches).

Ultimately, I hope you join me on this journey as I’m learning and improving as well. I will record my own Street Fighter progress here and continue to share what I know is the best information for those looking to learn and improve themselves.

So for all of you walking this new path into the fighting game world, I applaud you and will be with you every step of the way.

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