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Open to All Skill Levels! One Fight Stand #17

If you’re looking to level up in Street Fighter, I can’t stress enough how important and helpful it is to have a community at your side.

That’s why FightRise is an all-inclusive community where newer players are welcomed and our master rank players are always willing to share, help, train, and play!

These One Fight Stand events alone have taken some of our players who have never touched a fighting game into developing their game plan and climbing to Master rank.

Plus they’re fun as you can see they’re run seamlessly with an automated system in Battle Hub (so come dressed to impressed!). ūüėĄ

And of course, be sure to join us on Discord. Without further ado…

Below is a great post from our amazing event/tournament organizer, HotSoup!

Every other¬†Tuesday at 9pm EST¬†the¬†FightRise¬†discord runs a¬†Round Robin format tournament¬†with pools balanced by rank/experience. The event lasts about¬†1 hour¬†and the bracket is managed¬†completely¬†within Discord. It’s a great way to get matchup experience against a variety of characters and players around your rank/experience level, gauge your improvement every other week, and most importantly help identify where you need to focus your practice/training.

FightRise is an inclusive community focused on helping players improve and grow in fighting games with the current focus on Street Fighter 6. The vibe is chill and all about helping each other grow and improve. Our channel recently celebrated having over 400 members!

Round Robin Format and Rules:

  1. Registration closes at 7pm EST. A check-in process is initiated.
  2. Players meet in a designated North American Battle Hub to play all matches. We have casuals at 8pm EST(optional but good for warmup) and the tournament starts at 9pm EST after brief verbal instructions.
  3. A Discord bot will generate your pool matches within Discord.
  4. Find the players in your pool and ask to play your round robin match in a first to 2 (FT2/Bo3) contest.
  5. The winner of the contest is responsible for reporting the score with the bot.
  6. Repeat this until all matches are cleared with the bot.
  7. Winners of their pool are rewarded with a Discord flair for the next two weeks as a nominal prize ūüôā
  8. Top players in each pool are asked to stay on for a fun team fight that can be spectated by everyone.
  9. Further details on format and rules are also available in the #fight-nights channel of the Discord.

Be sure to join us on Discord: