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Street Fighter 101 with Brian_F

“Wait? 101? I thought we were still waiting on Street Fighter 6?”

Yep! 101 is just a university term for an introductory course. And, that’s exactly what Brian_F has helped bring to the table with his vast Street Fighter knowledge and competitor experience. Plus, his videos are pretty darn entertaining… Win and win.

So, I HIGHLY encourage you to hit up Brian_F’s YouTube Channel — immediately hit that subscribe button and start down the rabbit hole.

Let me be your guide as we run through a series of YouTube Shorts he’s been posting that gives you food for thought for Street Fighting situations you’ll no doubt encounter over and over again as well as a full feature-length video detailing, “What is a Combo?

Make ‘Em Miss. Make ‘Em Pay.

If you’ve played Street Fighter you’ve no doubt ate a Dragon Punch or two and maybe even afterwards screamed, “Why would you DP there?!”

Most of the Street Fighter cast has a “Reversal” type move just like the Dragon Punch that will beat normal attacks and help escape pressure if you’re opponent is on the hunt. This is especially lethal in Street Fighter 5 where an opponent can perform an EX version that has invincibility frames, guaranteeing they beat your attack.

We can’t stop our opponent from mashing out DP, but we can bait out their reversal and make them pay. Two videos hit home on this from Brian_F, watch them below:

Gauge the Jump Range

In this Short, Brian_F talks about your options for Anti-Air based on an opponent’s range from you.

Sometimes you’ll find an opponent that just loves to jump-in to attack. Most characters have a typical anti-air response such as crouching heavy punch or even that Reversal or Dragon Punch attack we spoke of above.

However, sometimes your opponent goes for a Cross-Up. If you’re unsure, a Cross-Up is an attack that hits from the opposite side your character is facing, meaning you have to block the other direction.

A good example is Ryu’s jumping in medium kick. If you jump from a close enough range where you’d land right on the side of your opponent, you’ll notice his medium kick hits your opponent with the leg that’s tucked in instead of sticking out as the kick.

That’s because the game just sees hitboxes (invisible boxes that if they touch your opponent cause damage) and these moves have an extra wide hitbox at the bottom of the character meaning you’re hitting with the inside edge of the jump medium kick’s hitbox. Watch the video to see this in action.

Hey, Let’s Play Neutral

You know all those jump-in attacks we were talking about? You’ll often see newer players resort to them because they feel uncomfortable playing footsies or looking for openings in the neutral space between the characters.

It feels natural to skip all of the shenanigans of feeling out your opponent and just diving right in. But, as you saw above, that can lead to you getting anti-aired, knocked down, and even combo’d from there.

When you’re walking at your opponent, use your character’s normal attacks that have both good range and speed. Use it to control the space and even punish their missed attacks.

If they keep walking back as you walk forward…Good! Walk them into the corner and deny them even more space to play.

Give Me the Full-Length How to Do a Combo Feature

No doubt, Brian_F is going to continue to pump out videos helping us learn and develop in Street Fighter… so, seriously, go subscribe right now.

Here’s one more video that clocks in at 16 minutes of watch time: “Street Fighter 6: What is a combo? (And how to do them!)

In this video Brian_F highlights Target Combos, Links, Special Cancels, and Building a Combination.

This type of knowledge will help you play any Street Fighter installment and one-hundred percent carry over right into Street Fighter 6:

What did you think about Brian_F‘s videos? Have more to share?

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