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Urge to Fight 5 is just mere days away. And, it's aptly titled: Legends Never Die. That's because for the first time in Urge to Fight history we are throwing audience participation to the Battle Hub Streets. We have Legend Ranked, Marisa Player, Lazyboredom ready to defend the hill his kingdom was built on from all would be conquerors. That's right... you have a chance to dethrone Lazyboredom during Urge to Fight 5 in a first-to-1 match. All you have to do is be ready when Urge to Fight 5: Legends Never Die airs this Sunday, March 10th, @ 8pmEST. To celebrate such a fun event, I sat down with Lazyboredom to get his origin story and have him share some wise words for any of you looking to aspire up the ranks as he has. While you listen to his knowledge dripping, take a gander at some of his notable victories in this highlight reel that'd bring a tear to any Marisa player's eye. Like Marisa would say... "That was a beautiful fight!"