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One person... that's all we had in the Discord just over a year ago. Today, FightRise is over 500 members strong and has achieved some wild milestones for a brand new Street Fighter 6 community. From building fighters up from Rookie ranks to Masters, colliding two nations against each other in an Urge to Fight brawl, hosting over twenty One Fight Stand community events that boosted skill and morale, to having some of the greatest legends in the FGC grace our Auditorium... we've been fortunate to serve our FightRise community. And, is barely a drop in the bucket of all the milestones and community events we really put in the less than a year that Street Fighter 6 has been released. That's why this next milestone is so special. Not only did this milestone start as mere fleeting conversation, but it all happened faster than we could have imagined. And much of that is thanks to our amazing FightRise community. All of you FightRisers make every day being a part of this community so phenomenal. And, I am so glad we get to share this next one with you... This week, FightRise is proud to officially announce, we have signed and our sponsoring our first competitive fighter who is set to compete at CEO 2024... He was a man with a simple dream as he has visions of being one of the finalists to walk out for Top 8 at CEO. And, if you have seen his Marisa (or have been on the other side of the fighting stage), you understand why we believe in him and are excited to cheer him on every step of the way... So, how did all this come to be? Well, let me highlight a few things for you if you'd be so kind to stay while and listen.
When I dreamed up FightRise I really did not know where this slice of the FGC would land. Today I am very humbled and proud of the giving nature of our little community. Not only do we have a plethora of level-headed, helpful, and experienced players, but we also have a rallying tribe, ready to put on a show for the good of the community... And this time, for the good of Child's Play Charity!