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We got winners! One Fight Stand #19 just wrapped up and, with 48 players competing, this was a special one... Every quarter we like to organize a Double Elimination Bracket and an 0-2 Bracket to replace the ol' Round Robin night. From the player perspective, they get some great practice in a tournament format and we dish out some prizes. Plus, on the Tournament Organizer side, we test our efficiency in making sure our members have a smooth, speedy event. I mean... keeping the event to about an hour and a half on a Tuesday night? Yes...please...
If you're looking to level up in Street Fighter, I can't stress enough how important and helpful it is to have a community at your side. That's why FightRise is an all-inclusive community where newer players are welcomed and our master rank players are always willing to share, help, train, and play! These One Fight Stand events alone have taken some of our players who have never touched a fighting game into developing their game plan and climbing to Master rank. Plus they're fun as you can see they're run seamlessly with an automated system in Battle Hub (so come dressed to impressed!).
When I dreamed up FightRise I really did not know where this slice of the FGC would land. Today I am very humbled and proud of the giving nature of our little community. Not only do we have a plethora of level-headed, helpful, and experienced players, but we also have a rallying tribe, ready to put on a show for the good of the community... And this time, for the good of Child's Play Charity!
Tomorrow, November 21st at 9pm EST we'll be hosting a special double elimination bracket on the FightRise Discord! A pristine hardcover copy of The Art of Street Fighter is up for grabs as the first place prize as well as various gift cards and other prizes for a conjoined "0-2 side bracket."  I'm happy to say the One Fight Stand (OFS) bi-weekly tournament series has been a big hit for the FightRise Discord channel.  It has accomplished many of the goals I had set out for when creating the series and this special tournament format feels like a fitting culmination of everything we've accomplished this year since the launch of Street Fighter 6.