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As February rolls into Capcom Cup X we are seeing the fiercest competition since the launch of Street Fighter 6. And for good reason with a $1 million dollar grand prize on the line. But, everyone is eyeing another big update to Street Fighter 6... That's Ed to inject some new psycho power and life into the game. After what has been a whirlwind year of amazing fighting game releases, we have seen so many new games with fresh mechanics drop. What a time to enjoy some good ol' fighting games! Tekken 8 being the most recent fighter that's sunk its grip on the hearts of gamers...over 2 million according to their franchise record-breaking sales figures. And Street Fighter 6? Well, I'm happy to conclude for myself the game is still as fun and exciting to watch as ever. But, if our little Discord Community is any clue, I know that so many are ready for some updates to the game. While Akuma's release and Season 2 updates (come on...patch notes!) are still a ways away, we at least have Ed, who looks way cooler than he did in SFV, in our sights.