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How to Escape Negative Talk & Start Improving

What if there was one simple thing you could change to get out of your own way of improvement?

How you negotiate with yourself trumps every move you make…

“I don’t need to practice today…”

“Scrubs are just getting lucky…”

“Whatever…it’s just a game…”

Every single thing we say to ourselves takes the accountability out of our own hands and gives us a reason to NOT improve.

If self-improvement is important to you then negotiating with your mind has to stop.

Telling ourselves it’s okay if we don’t intentionally practice. Cutting our own improvement routines short. Convincing ourselves, improving isn’t important to us anymore. It’s just a game after all…

All of these negotiations have to stop…IF improvement is actually that important to us.

Easier said than done for most. But the beauty of it all is, it can be just that simple.

We all know what we “should” do. Life Coach, Tony Robbins, says we say it so much we “should” all over ourselves.

In order to turn our “shoulds” into “musts” we MUST first get realistic with our goals.

That doesn’t mean setting the bar low, it just means getting after what you know you can do today. Some people limit themselves before they even start… Don’t even go there.

That’s a negotiation tactic in your mind to convince you it’s okay to not try or even worse…just giving yourself permission to give up.

Being realistic means two things.

One, get real with what you’re trying to accomplish… Climb the ranks? Compete in a tournament? Define the goal.

Two, chunk down the actionable steps into daily accomplishments.

What classifies as an accomplishment? Anything you can realistically complete. Play an hour? Intentional practice in training mode?

Definite it. And accomplish it. Every day.

But, what if you miss a day? We all do. You can dwell on that… or know it’s a new day and you can crush it today. That’s the mind game mix-up. Dwelling on failures vs. taking action today.

No one is taking stock of you missing a goal except yourself. If the idea of missing a goal supersedes the act of taking action then all roads lead to quitting.

When we understand that failure is our friend, then any stumbling blocks become steps towards our next success.

You missed yesterday? Great. Don’t miss today.

Simple. Straight forward. Never have a zero percent day.

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